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TOP 5 of 2014 |day 4: Reflections|

Everytime another year comes to an end, we all tend to think of what we've done those last 365 days that passed. I usually think more of the think I have created than the things that happened to me, to us. It was a good year, either way. We've welcomed a new baby in our family and nothing could be better than that.  Just like last year, I will share 5 reflections of my own, about this lastest year - sewing related, of course. In between one and another, I will leave you with photos from the projects I did. 
#1 - Sewing from my stash
Just like last year, I commited to buy as little as I could (fabric or ready made clothes). And I did pretty well through the year. Until the very last couple of months. I guess, I used so much from my stash, I had so little comparing to when I started two years ago, it began to be really hard to find approriate fabrics to make whatever I needed. I especially noticed I needed more knits and boy fabric. 
#2. Refashions
When I started refashioning, I …

TOP 5 of 2014 |day 3: Most Seen Posts|

Today's time to show you my most visited posts from 2014. Refashion Month posts are always on top, and some of them are from a couple of dear guests I had over. Thank you ladies (all of you that have participated!). Here's the top five. Enjoy!
#5 - Refashion Month Series - 2014 July Edition

#4 - Bringing home a guest post

#3 - January Refashion Month with Carissa from Carissa Knits

#2 - January Refashion Month with Heather from Feather's Flights

#1 - My Weekly Refashion Share #1 |FREE pattern & tutorial|

TOP 5 of 2014 |day 2: the MISSES|

#5 - Wallet for my nephew

I made this one in a hurry. The sewing isn't perfect, but the thing that makes me think of it as a fail is the fact that I added the appliques in the back instead of doing it to the front. 
#4 - Shorts for my niece

This was a perfect one if it wasn't for the fact that it didn't really fit my niece. It was too tight and therefore she didn't like it and sent it back to me after a few days. We are now waiting for it to fit my daughter instead. 
#3 - Bubblelicious Romper

The idea sounded perfect in my head before I made it. I loved the two separate pieces so I tried the mashup. The bad part? Well, somehow I left the tights too short and it is so hard for her to put in on and off that it turned out to be little functional and she might have put it on like twice. 
#2 - boy shirt

Getting closer to the top of this list, which is not a good thing. I was pretty happy about this shirt I printed for my baby boy until I added the collar and it went terrib…

TOP 5 of 2014 |day 1: the HITS|

Last year I participated in the Top 5 of 2013, and I don't know if anyone is organizing that again this year, but I am doing my own here this year too. Between today and the end of the month/year, I will be posting about my top 5: hits, misses, reflections, most seen and on the 1st of January, I will post my top 5 goals. And I am starting today with the hits.

#5 |Newborn Onesie|

I made this long sleeved and a short sleeved version of these. They are newborn sized and this particularly one was the first piece of clothe my baby boy wore. He looked just too cute in it. It didn't fit for too long, of course. 
#4 |Red Velvet Jacket|

This jacket was one of the first pieces of 2014. I refashioned a pair of woman's red velvet pants into it and it is warm, cute and stylish. My daughter wears this often and everybody feels jealous about it. A true hit. 
#3 |Paris Outfit & Spring Showers Jacket|

This might be one of my favourite outfits ever. In these pictures my daughter is wea…

We wish you all a...

Glimpse of our last week #24

This is where I show you bits and parts of our week behind the scenes.

not much going on this week. We had G.'s school Christmas party, where she fell terrible shy when Santa called her to give her a gift. A doll. she enjoyed the balloons, food and music though. It's funny how over all the teacher's, she wanted the one from last year's only. Little S. slept most of the time while there but he enjoyed it a little too, by the end of it. My parents were here for the arty too, and once at home, my mom started knitting a dress for G.'s baby doll and she wanted to knit too, we had a blast with her. They both recieved gifts from an online friend, she absolutely loved her new words game, and they also got a surprise from another online friend (but pictures are missing). I have been inventoring the fabrics I bought this year (I broke badly my commitment of not buying any fabrics!). I have also inventoring my threads to see what colours do I need. To finish of, we have our o…

Preparing Christmas III: advent calendar

After last year's calendar - which we loved and was fun - I wanted to make a new one that would last longer and probably use it for a few years. I had the idea in mind for a while, and I have actually been collecting matchboxes for years. First, I had to figure out how to arrange the 24 boxes in order to get a Christmas tree shape, that was the hardest part.

Once I was happy with it, I started wrapping boxes in a gold paper. Three for the top, then two rows of 2, three rows of 3 and then two rows of 4. I was ready to glue each block on top of the other. I realised the white from the boxes was stained and just old, so with a blue shinny deco tape I covered them. Easy peasy! And how would I pull them out? A solution was needed and I covered that with ribbon. I make holes in each box, I've put a knotted piece of ribbon through it and secure in place with tape on the inside.

To finish I painted the numbers with a red ink but it faded a bit and they look rather pink... blhaaaac. I…

Preparing Christmas II: Santa Wraping Box

At G.'s kindergarden, we were asked to have her picking one of her toys for a gift exchange with the other kids. It had to be hers (we couldn't buy a new one) and it had to be wrapped by us. And we could use our creativity to do so. She picked a huge Garfield shaped back pack that she never wore in her life, but it was too big to fit a shoe cardbox, so I had to use a slightly bigger one from a plastic swimming pool. I had the idea in my mind of using a Santa hat, somehow, to make it. I then did a quick search on google and the idea was finished and turned into something real. Using different paper colours, I cut the shapes, add the glue and she glued it to the box (with some help of course). When we were finished we had a cute Santa as the wrapping to her gift. I was really proud of it. And I loved making it with her!
Oh, and if you don't get it why it is the second post of preparing Christmas, you can see the first thing I made HERE

Glimpse of our last week #23

This is where I show you bits and parts of our week behind the scenes.

We're on the countdown to Christmas and it is going faster than I hoped for. Why is it that there's always so much to do around this time of the year? And I just keep adding things to the list! It was a good week. Again. Me and the kids met some online friends for the first time, we spent a short but nice time together as our girls played together. I made a Christmas wreath for the first time. I had both the kids doing inhalations - they so love it!!! I was given more clothes for refashion and had to re-organize my refashion closet. I made the first Christmas gifts (it was about time). Finished another pattern test (can I say my favourite thing  from the latest months?!!!). I recieved a copy of Constança's book from my bloggy friend Patrícia. Santa was homework from G. and last but not least, I was on a secret friend gift exchange and I got my present... way too cool I can tell you! Best Christmas gift …

Mãos à Obra

Note: I usually don't write any posts in portuguese here, but I will open an exception today because I will be talking about a book, and so far, it has only been published in portuguese. Scroll down for the english how to... to my craft. 

Eu, juntamente com outras amigas bloggers, decidimos fazer uma surpresa à autora do livro Mãos à Obra, a Constança Cabral. Sim, a Concha, do blogue Saídos da Concha. O livro saiu no passado mês de Outubro e para já, foi apenas editado em português. Assim que hoje, algumas de nós vamos falar-vos de projetos do livro que nos inspiraram. A minha cópia, foi uma prenda de uma querida amiga e no mesmo instante em que o recebi, andei a ver atentamente, projeto atrás de projeto. A apresentação está muito bonita, as fotografias ao nível daquilo que a autora/blogger nos tem habituado ao longo do seu percurso no blog. Todo ele é inspiração, desde receitas, bricolage, jardinagem, costura... tem um pouco de tudo para quem gosta de fazer as coisas à sua medida…

Glimpse of our last week #22

This is where I show you bits and parts of our week behind the scenes.

Phew another week gone by. We're so close to the end of the year. The princess has a hear infeccion so she skipped school for a couple of days this past week. It shortened my sewing time and I was so tired when I put the kids to bed that I just couldn't stand up and would fall asleep too. I managed to finish a few things though... some aren't pictured here, like a pattern test. A friend had a baby boy (two weeks ago) and we visited themr (I usually visit babies when they are a little older, but she -mom- had ordered me a breastfeeding pillow and a sling so I visited them sooner than usual). S. had an appointment, and the next day he had his first soup. We've up our Christmas tree up on the first as tradition tells us to, G. and I did so, while S. sat at daddy's lap and dad would take photos of us. Us girls made our special cake, she was just so happy. I had her little hands helping me as I prepa…

November Wrap Up

November was mostly a month of pattern blog tours around here. It started with Serger Peppers Everyday Tank top, which I made for myself. After testing the Rowan Tee I was also, so happy to be on Titchy Threads pattern tour with an Autumn version of the shirt for G. I was also in the pattern tour for the Uptown/Downtown dress and made G. her Christmas dress - and I can't help mentioning again how much I love it! The last pattern tour I joined was Sofilantjes' Omni Tempore shirt, with two of these: one for G. and Oh look! another one for me, within the same month!!! Between pattern tours I shared the new wallet I made for my nephew. And, last but not least, I was also in the new Sewing Series hosted by While She Was Sleeping & Nearest the Pin, Constant: Change, with two family inspired cushions. If you missed any of these and would like to check it out, just click on the images below and it will take you there. 

There were also some glimpses of our weeks between all the po…