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Nursing Nightgown

So, here's something I've never made before. A nursing nightgown. And there's always a special feeling attached to accomplishing a garment we've never tried before, isn't it? 

I already had two nursing friendly nightgowns to add to the maternity bag I have to carry to the hospital, but I thought a third would be pretty good. Besides, I know I'll spend my baby's first week, pretty much wearing nightgowns only. So, it was worth giving it a try and make myself a new one. 

And all I spent on it was 1,45€ (elastic and "clips" - don't really know the proper name for them). I was able to re-use what I already had once again. I used a baggy nightgown that I got in that huge pile of clothes I just blogged about a few days ago. The print was awesone, and it was made of a 100% cotton knit, so it was perfect for what I wanted. 
I didn't use a pattern. One of the other nightgowns I said I already had, was used to help me cut the new pieces. I sort of …

The Firecracker Dress (test)

I was one of Chelsea's lucky testers for her latest pattern The Firecracker Dress/Tunic. I was assigned the dress lenght, in size 2, because, you know, this is a little skinny girl I have here. Can't believe she'll be 3 next month.

This was a pattern I had to try first to find out that I love it. I liked it when I first saw it, of course, and that's why I wanted to test it for Chelsea in the first place. But not until I finished my own, and be closely aware of the details, and the possibilities, that I've actually fell in love with it. In fact, I have started another one already, in a bigger size.

Anyway, I was so happy to test such a quick dress to make. Three pattern pages only, no piecing or anything... that felt great for a change. I'll admit that patterns with too many pages to assemble together, make me a little annoyed. Of course, when the final garment is done, most of those times I just forget about how boring and time consuming putting them together …

WIP: maternity

I thought I wouldn't be sewing anymore for myself. Not until after I gave birth to mister S. but here I am currently finishing another garment for mommy. And this is a very handy one... any guesses? I just need to buy some little supplies to have it ready. I think I'll be able to finish this today! Yey! I'm excited!

Pinterest Inspiration

Because I feel like sewing something and don't know what to sew... I have been going through my Girly Inspiration board on Pinterest. These two photos did get my attention (click on them to get you there, if you want to)... Do I feel inspired? I might feel inspired! 
I should start my Pinterest Challenge again... I should do so much, but,where's the energy? There are some things happening backstage again, I wish I was able to show them all right now, but I can't.


Click image to take you to the post. 
Pam over Threading my Way featured my bag on her blog.

Let's talk about (piles of) clothes

It's been quiet here in the blog. I am 32 weeks long by now, the weather got warmer, and I feel more and more tired by the day... 
I've been sewing - a little - though. But most of all I spent a lot of time doing laundry. Lots of it, until I started to notice some water was coming out from the back of my machine and flooding my kitchen floor. It took us a whole week to get the problem solved and yesterday - finally - everything was ok again. Now there's a whole lot of laundry to do, because, even though I had washed most of what I had to, the pile grew in a week of impossibility to do any laundry at all. 
But why did I have so much laundry to do in the first place? Oh yes! Guess what?! I was donated lots and lots and lots of clothes. I have gone through it all, I first washed and fold it all, then count it. There were 89 pieces total (not to mention the ones I've put away to donate after a first selection as soon as I got home). My refashion pile has grown a lot and I …

When everything goes missing over here!

I usually spend most of my mornings online. Wasting my time, going through blogs, fb, e-mails, etc. Today, I took G. to daycare, went on buying some zippers and came home determined to continue working on some pillowcovers I was ordered. I pinned the first zipper to one, and went to my machine. Was just getting ready to change my zipper foot and start sewing when I realised, my zipper foot went missing. 
I don't know why it keeps happening to me lately, but apparently, in every single project that I put my hands on, something goes missing... It started with the snaps, which I found the day I got my post up. I bought two more colours by the way, and can't wait to add them to the onesies (one and two) I made for my baby boy and were still snapless. Then, I lost the elastic for the romper I did for G., and that one hasn't appeared yet. To finish that romper, I had to reuse some elastic from some old tights. 
Today, as said above, was my zipper foot. Because of this, I was ab…

My Bubblicious Romper |Kids' Choice & MashUp Series|

* Edited on the 11th with new photos!

Don't you just love when one project allows you to cross two different challenges from your to-do-wish-list? I do! I really do, because if I could, I would sew along every single online challenge I come across... just for the fun of it. 

I first posted this entry with a single picture of this romper. The one I've kept under these lines. I had just finished the piece and wanted to share right away, because it was the last day to link to Heidi's series Kids´ Choice. The sun was gone already, so I promised new daylight photos to be added the next day. it wasn't possible the next day, but here they are now. Back here (on photo below) I still had to add the elastic to the waist band too... again, I couldn't find the one I needed... just like with the snaps some days ago. It is frustrating to know you have those things, but still, you can't find them. Pregnant brains, what can I do?!

As I mention above, this project fits two chal…

Cupcake Top |Sew Fab Bundle|

My blogging friend Sewing Mama RaeAnna has her Cupcake Top pattern as part of the Sew Fab Bundle. If you plan to purchase, please use her affiliate link: (affiliate).
I was a lucky tester for this pattern, and have made two more after. Definately a pattern I will turn to again in the future. 

I messed up the collar of the last one... but that was my fault! =(

Muse of The Morning Pattern Tour |Billy Bright Eyes Snappy Tee Shirt|

Note: I was provided with a free copy of the pattern by the designer, but all opinions are my own. 

I was so happy at the chance to try and review one of the Muse of The Morning Patterns for this tour. I have to be honest, I didn't know them before and having the chance to pick one out of them all, was exciting. Chrissy has lovely patterns, and I was about to claim another one for myself, but I will have a boy soon, so after all, I picked the Billy Bright Eyes Snappy Tee Shirt
I didn't have any basic pattern for a snappy shirt and this one comes with four different options for the sleeves. Not to mention that it has 9 different sizes - from 3 months to 6 years - and it's perfect for boys and girls. I love it that it starts at 3 months, because it is so hard to find good patterns for such smaller sizes. 

I've cut two of these actually, but for today, I have only the one I made for my little girl (you'll have to come back here later, whenever I get the refashioned …

Maternity Bag Tutorial & free pattern |Sew-a-bration of Womanhood||

You might have heard about the Make for Mom Series last year. It was hosted by the Shaffer Sisters, and this year it's back with a brand new name (see why they have changed it here), and it is co-hosted with Ajaire from Call Ajaire (she's got her own series going on too, called Monthly MashUp, have you heard of it?).
I feel more than honoured to be part of this Series, and join all these wonderful and talented ladies in a celebration of the womanhood. Because we are just more than moms, and because we deserve to love ourselves the way we are.  
I first thought about making myself an outfit, but because I've been participating in Challenge Create, I was able to sew myself some brand new pieces to fill my wardrobe. So, I quickly knew I needed to make something else. Apart from the clothes I made through the competition I mentioned above, I don't get to sew much for myself lately... or ever since I became a mom. My daughter, and now the baby that's making his way into …

A week of features?

Yes! This makes me so happy when unexpectedly I see other bloggers featuring my projects in their blogs. Well, I know, I link to their parties and of course there is always a chance to be featured, but most of the times, there are so many great projects shared in such links, that we don't expect to be picked. 
This week, my tiny clothes were featured over Feather's Flights

and my latest look for Challenge Create was featured over The Inspired Wren and Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop.