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Flamenco Dress + Auditioning!

Auditions for Sew-vivor season 2 at Family Ever After...have started today and I have been waiting until the very last minute to make up my mind. I wasn't quite sure if I would try the auditions or if I'd just sew along the challenges. After a lot of thinking I decided I'll go for it, trying won't do me harm and who knows? Maybe I could make it to the Top 10? - let me dream a little, ok?

We can audition with something we have made before. First I was in shock, I went looking through all the things I have done, they are so many, from the simpliest thing you can imagine to corsets and underbusts! But I chose someting that's very dear to me: my first Flamenco dress!

I'm half Spanish, my father's from Huelva, in the south of Spain, near Seville. There is a huge tradition of Romerias, a religious event that takes place every year. I grew up making part of that. I too wore my flamenco dresses when I was younger and we lived there, and wearing a flamenco dress jus…

Sew in Tune - Winter Edition

Yeah yeah yeah... it's Winter edition, but I have done another outfit to better wear in any other season but Winter. What can I do? Maybe I got sick of all the cold days, I need sunny and warm weather... soon, please! And who cares anyway?!
It's almost a week since I finished baby G.'s Sew in Tune outfit. Since I heard about the challenge I knew right away what band I wanted to be inspired by. And soon I knew what song I was going to sew with.  And if you know a little about Bon Jovi's, then you might have guessed by the photos what song I used!!! Yes, Have a Nice Day(click on song title to watch it on youtube)

Again I went the refashionist way! I searched through my pile just to find the things I already had in mind: a red polo shirt someone has given me a while ago and dad's very worn out jeans. I mean, Bon Jovi is a rock and roll band, right? So, I thought maybe the worn out looking jeans would give a rock look to my outfit. 
To trace both pieces I used existi…

Top to Dress Refashion

I'm not much of a Summer girl. Not this Summer over here. It's too hot for the poor me. I like Autumn best, I like Spring, but I don't like Summer that much; I used to love Winter, but it kills me now. 
Somehow though, even knowing Winter's still here, I'm only thinking and imagining Summer clothes. 
It's been a while since I sewed for myself. I guess the last thing I made for me was the dress for my cousin's wedding last year. I might have done a small refashion here or there, but a full garment I don't do for ages. Or at least it feels like so. 
I remember I felt like I didn't have a lot of interesting clothes last Summer. I mean, I do have a lot of pieces, I just don't think they'd make sense together. I missed skirts and dresses, so last year yet, I started planning some summer dresses refashions. I had this pink top my niece gave me, I wore it a few times but I just couldn't feel too confortable with it. And I needed dresses, right…

Thrift Shopping

On the last Sunday of every month, there is a second hand market on a small village nearby. I use to go there because I love to find some little treasures. Sometimes I go there searching for a specific item, but most of the time I just go and look at all the beautiful things I (unexpectedly) find there. 
Last month I went searching for cheap knits to make baby G. her Carnival outfit - ooppppsss I still haven't bloged about that - and we were there again today. The two of us. 
Most of all I went searching for thrift clothing. I didn't care much of the sizes because I was mainly interested in getting some knits and some colours I needed. Those colours were emerald and mustard. I did find the green, and there was a shirt in yellow but not quite refashionable for me, so I passed. Sadly is not an easy colour to find there, maybe next month. 

What did I buy there?! Let's see... 
1 - An amazing short brown dress |2€| and it's an S... how lucky I was?! Still I think I might ha…

New Challenges for me

I'm up for all the challenges I see lately. I don't care if I'm not competing for anything, I'm just enjoying sewing along every challenge I come across lately. 
I have finished the Sew in Tune outfit last night, I still have to get some nice shoots of it before I can share. I am considering auditioning for SewVivor and just a few minutes ago I came across this Pinterest Challenge over at Merrick's Art.  What is it about? Taking 6 of your pins on Pinterest and make them through the next 6 weeks. Let's stop pinning and just stare at the inspiring images; let's actually make them! I take the challenge, but I admit it was a little hard for me to choose the 6 projects I would accomplish (or try to, at least!). Eventually I made my choice, here they are:
1 - A Father's day activity to make with baby G.  2 - A new cell phone cover for V. - he's been asking for ages! 3 - Chocolate cookies 4 - Cell phone holder 5 - A placket!I've been wanting to add on…

Featured once more!

How come I haven't talk about this party yet? I'm sorry, I've been wanting to since Party #1 and here it is #5 already! It's new, and with little contributers yet, but I hope to help making it grow. It's a party for refashionistas, so if you're one, don't miss it every Friday! It is hosted by Kaitlin at wunderbar

Sailor Inspired Pants

Remember this post? I promised I would show you the before and afters of the pants, but a few months have gone by and every time G. wpre them, she wasn't in a good mood for pictures! 
I did manage to snap a few (not so good) shots a couple of days ago, so, I guess that's as much as she's going to give me with the pants, so I am using them. 
Here is the before, the pants I bought to myself, and only wore once:
And I have turned them into this:
It almost doesn't fit her anymore, which I feel terrible sad about. I love to see her on them, and she loves the big green buttons too. I guess I didn't get used to the fact that babies/toddlers overgrow their clothes so quickly! =( Well, the good thing is I might use it for a second child when I have one, either boy or girl!

So, what's next?!

So, the sew along for Project Run & Play is over now.  I still can't believe I made it! I did follow and sew along the six themes. Six outfits in six weeks. I am proud of myself. I am so proud, so happy that I made it, I did not give up, I did not left any item unfinished!  Yes! I did it and I like it. 
Did you miss any of the entries? Don't worry, here's a short summary of what I made here: The Party Dress Remix
Stripes and Polka Dots
 Boy's Week
And remember, there's a Tutorial for this outfit here!

Love is in the Air

The Men's Dress Shirt Challenge
Your Signature Look
So, what's next?!

 Time for Sew In Tune. I have chosen my song, I have design my outfit, so I better start sewing, I don't want to be late. It starts off next Monday! 

Project Run & Play: week 6 |Sew Along|

This is Your Signature Look week at Project Run and Play, and I didn't know what exactly I wanted to make. This is supposed to be what makes our style, and I got confused about what made mine.
I knew I wanted to make a knock it off of a dress coat I had seen on a La Redoute catalogue. I was so in love with it, but appart from that... I had no clue of what to do to complete my outfit.
I just went as I was sewing, searching, and creating. At the end, I was pretty happy with my outfit.

I started with the coat and just went by from there. I really liked the one from the cathalogue, but I am absolutely mad about violet, purples, etc. So for the first time I tried dying some fabric. It turned out pretty well, I loved the colour, though I had hoped for one a little bit darker. I used a white cotton sheet to make the coat, which is fully lined, and for this I used a white flannel sheet too.  It took me the entire week almost to get the coat done, I didn't work hard on it the last coupl…

Project Run & Play: Week 5 |Sew along|

First of all let me introduce to you my Blue Summerdress. Such a simple and quick project, and it made me so happy. 
We are getting to the end of Project Run and Play season 6 already. There's only one more week to go and I have to be honest, when I decided to sew along with all the themes, I never thought I would actually succeed with it. I thought I would probably do one or two of the themes because sometimes I take so long to finish what I've started. 
The funniest thing about it, is that even though I've been sewing with PR&P, I managed to also make two Carnival costumes (which I will blog about later, of course). 
I was really excited about this week at first, because I have a few men's shirts in my stash that I really want to turn into clothes for baby G., but I kept postponing it over and over. When I thought about this week, I first had in mind a romper, then I got an order for one of those costumes and I knew my time would be comsumed by that one. Mostly …

Guest Posting

Hey! I am sharing my Boy's Summer Outfit Tutorial today at Welcome to The House Mouse!

Happy Birthday

My blog celebrated it first birthday on the 4th!!! How could I forgot to mention this?!