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Project Run & Play: Week 4 |Sew Along|

It is fourth week on Project Run and Play. It's Love is in the Air themed week. Here's what I made: Last friday I was so happy about myself. It was yet friday and I had most of my outfit done. Actually it was basicly done by saturday evening. Why am I sharing it only now? Well, saturday evening was actually the last time I've put my hands on it, until after lunch today, when G. started her naptime. 
All I had to do, was to hem the cardigan and add the collar to it. All the rest was pretty much done. 
So, this week, again, I went through my stash. I first thought about making a Cupid Costume for G. since we're having Carnival around here and we didn't have a costume in mind yet. But turns out she loves her sock monkey way too much and I started thinking it'd be just too cute to make her a sock monkey costume - or sort of. 
Anyway, my first thought Cupid costume was put aside, and I continued my project on another direction.  I refashioned this week! And I am ha…

Project Run & Play: Week 3 |Sew Along|

Yey! I am so proud of myself. I made it through another week of the Project Run & Play sew along. This is boy's week, and at first I was really unsure whether I would sew along or just pass it this week. all because I am a mom of a girl only, and as much as I want to sew my stash, I don't want to sew just because. I want to make useful things out of my fabric.  But then again, I am an aunt too. I am an aunt of a lovely 7 year old boy who is most of the time negleted when it comes to sewing for him. He's got a younger sister and though I've been sewing for both of them since they were born, she always got more stuff done than he did (basicly a couple of costumes).  I made up my mind after all, and started thinking about something boy-ish. I knew I wanted to make something for Summer, something confy that he would wear on the afternoon walks in the beach (do you know, this lucky boy goes to school a road away from the beach?! that means lots of fun with teacher on b…

Sew in Tune - Winter Edition

After following along with Project Run & Play, this time I will join the sew along of Sew In Tune, which I have seen on Melly Sews
It will start February 18th and go until March 3rd.  Go there and check it out for more details.

Sew Your Stash Thin 2013

One of my resolutions for 2013 is to stop buying fabric I don't really need, and get my hands on the one I already have, since I have been buying and stashing for a few years already. I've moved a few times and it's always been pretty nasty to carry boxes and boxes of un-ending fabric. 
Anyway, this resolution, comes from 2012 too. I did work trough my stash, I did try not to buy anything else, but in the end, I did buy a few. I bought things I really needed and used right away, but I also bought things that are still waiting for the right project. 
When I saw THIS challenge, I knew I had to be in, and work harder on my resolution this time around.
Most of my stash comes from previous years, when I sewed a lot of clothes for gothic fashion shows, so I have a few velvet, satins, leather in my collection. 
Some other fabrics, came from a project I made part a while ago; the deal was: I'd sew, the other part would buy the materials. Well, it only lasted for a while and t…

Project Run & Play: Week 2 |Sew Along|

I've been trying to write this post for hours. Really! Not lying! It's been nearly impossible since my daughter is waking up every 5 minutes, crying out loud, my poor thing. I forsee a wonderful night. NOT!

I really thought I'd be posting my outfit for Project Run & Play, second week's challenge by Sunday or Monday morning, but I couldn't finish it until this afternoon. Baby G. has been crying a lot through her sleep the last couple of nights, hasn't been making long naps as usual during the day, and she's begging for attention all the time. New teeth are coming and she's with the cold. Of course, she's my priority. This sew along is just for fun, it's just because it motivates me to start and finish my (hers) outfits, motivates me to keep me busy and use more and more from my never-ending- stash!
But that's fine, that I only get to post it today, because I am still in time to join the sewalong. Again. I made it! Hurray! So, let's g…

Project Run & Play: Week 1 |Sew Along|

As I said before, I am in for the sew along of season 6. I made it for the first week, which makes me extremely happy, since I am always such a bad piece trying to keep up with dates; and am already working on the project for week number two. 
This week's challenge was The Party Remix, in which we should use The Party Dress pattern and mix it up. And this is what I created. 
My changes:  - I made a removable peter pan collar, creating two looks for this dress. One more sofisticated for a party or special event, and a more simplier look when used without the peter pan collar.  - Some very small lace was added to the arm holes, just to add a little touch of glamour.  - I made a shorter band for the skirt and attached it differently from the one in the tutorial, in order to hide any stitches. And i made my skirt shorter too, the one from the tutorial was way too long - I think! - My bottons weren't fabric covered.  And I first thought about making it reversible, but then I was t…

2 a.m.

and I am still online. I've been searching, trying, inventing. I am so excited with the sew along that aparently I don't even get sleepy at all. It's been like this for the past three nights. 
I managed to finish first week's challenge today, but unfortunately it was late already, so still no photos to show. I started thinking about week number two right away. I love stripes. I love polka dots. I think there will be great projects next week, and I am excited drafting my own too. 

Project Run and Play Season 6

Project Run and Play Season 6 has started. I'm not quite sure when was it that I started following the previous seasons, but the truth is that I always felt the urge to take part of the sew along but never did it before. 
For this season, I won't miss it though. And I am making the first dress already. I hope I get it done by tomorrow, so I can take a few pictures and post them. The other dress I said I was making is still unfisnished, but I don't need to hurry anyway. 
So, here's some things you should know about this season:
Week One: The Pattern Remix Challenge: This season we will be remixing The Cottage Home Mama's fantastic Party Dress. (You can find the tutorial for the dress HERE so pop on over, check it out and remix away!!!)
Week Two:Stripes and Polka Dots: This week is all about the stripes and polka dots so base your designs around those fun prints...we are so excited to see what everyone comes up with!
Week Three:Boys Week: Create a design of your ch…

Commitments #2

Back in September I made a commitment to myself in this blog.  Back then I said I would stop buying so many clothes for me or baby G. I made it public so I could keep up with it, even though I knew no one would come and tell me when I'd not follow my own decision.  So, it's January now, the last year's over and so is my commitment. 
Did I buy anything? Did I keep up with it?
I think it went well. I can't say I didn't buy anything, I did, but I bought only the exceptions, as I said I would. If we really needed it!
1. A pair of winter boots for myself - but wait!shoes aren't clothes, right? 2. Two winter pajamas for baby G.  3. A dress for the next year's winter for baby G. - and I only bought it because it was 50% off and really cheap. I bought it for next year instead of this because, she really didn't need it. 
What good come out of this? I saved! I saved a lot, of course. But I also learned to think twice, before I buy any items. I always stop to thin…