One Thimble Issue 12

It seems just like a couple a days since I had the chance to read One Thimble 11, and here we are with Issue 12, three months later. I was again, one of the lucky ones to try out a couple patterns ahead and get my eyes through the e-zine before release. It did not dissapoint, of course. 

Before anything else, I have to say I was touched, somehow, by the editor's welcome note, it goes about self belief. Sometimes we hear/read things just right when we need the most and I think that's one of those times for me. I am getting farther from believing in my dreams and goals, and I need someone/something to get me back on track. That welcome note, isn't long, but it's quite enough to get me thinking about it. Then the theme for this number was watercolour and as a fan of the technique I found myself daydreaming just by looking at the overall look of this issue's layout. 

When the time came to pick the patterns for this post, I chose the Calla Lily Crop Top by Jennuine Designs and the Melbourne Romper by Jilly Atlanta, from the 10 patterns included in this issue. You can get girls, boys and even a women patterns. There is also a quilted kite and a purse pattern. I started by making the romper. I signed for this one even before I saw it! I was really feeling like sewing a romper. When I checked the size chart, I realised my daughter was out of the size range already, and well, as cute as I find this for girls, I just don't use this kind of rompers on my boy. I went with size two though, I know a lot of little girls right now and might fit into this pretty soon. 

The polka dot fabric was refashioned from old women cullotes, it was just enough for the bottom of the romper. Then I searched in my scraps, and I found this gorgeous little piece of flowerly fabric. It was a gift from a reader, a very nice lady that sent me so many scraps and bigger pieces of fabric, in exchange of nothing. How nice was it from her?! 

Anyway, this fabric was perfect to match the polka dots and I was so grateful that I had it. I used lining fabric for the inside, which was also in my stash for years (I wanted to keep it fresh and light, since both other fabrics are quite light and slippery!!!). My bib turned out a bit smaller than the actual pattern piece because of the slippery of the fabric, I had to cut about 1/2" to make it even as it didn't as I cut. 

I tried it on my daughter! I know, she's 3 sizes bigger than this now and it looks pretty tight on her, but I just couldn't share just a plain flat picture of the romper, it would not make it justice! The poor girl complained it was pulling too much at her waist but still smiled and posed for this crazy momma. 

After finishing the romper, I started the crop top, which was my very first choice. I have a thing for crop tops, and since I don't wear them unless I have a top underneath these days, I turn into them for my G. I liked the one I made using Thread Faction's so much, that my instant choice this time, was the Calla Lily crop top, a woven meant pattern to fill a gap in my collection. I made my daughter a size 5 and it fits like a glove. 

The girl loved it. I made the plain bodice option, you can also do gatherer or pleated at the shoulders and I used another fabric from the many my nice reader sent me. It's so soft and light, Perfect for the pattern which is suppoused to be lined, but I skipped that part (Jen actually included tips for this if you need them, though the step by step instructions refer to the linning option). I made my own bias out of a piece of pink satin scrap and since it was much heavier than the main fabric it looks kinda weird, but not at all bad. 

For the buttons on the back, I used some my friend Maria has sent me as a gift almost two years ago (the supplies she sent me seem to last forever!!!). I love to use the supplies I get from other people, that's my way to show some appreciation. Besides, those things look good, right? It'd be a shame for them to be left in the stash for too long. 

Why do I recommend One Thimble? Well, since I read last issue I became an instant fan. Most  hold in hands magazines I get to read, turn out a bit dissapointing as I find like one or two interesting articles, projects or patterns, but that does not happen with One Thimble. Most articles are quite interesting, the ones that particularly caught my attention this time were the ones about making fabric from scraps, tips for sewing with knits and tips for leather too. The handmade business articles are always pretty much helpful and inspiring. I haven't read all the magazine yet, it is so complete, has so many pages that it has been impossible for me to read through them all, but they are quite promissing and I can't wait to find the time to do so. I am also very excited to try some of the other patterns available, as Liz's pattern #111, you guys know I love her patterns, right? I don't need to mention that anymore! Also, the Cozumel Shirt by Winter Wear Designs is a serious candidate to my son's next piece. There's so much more to see so follow the One Thimble Issue 12 release tour with so many amazing bloggers and items to see! Enjoy and grab yours soon! Here's the list of bloggers and when they'll be posting. 










Refashion Month 2016 Wrap Up

I absolutely have to thank deeply all the ladies that took part of this year's edition. I was such a lousy hostess, but they were there for me, and I can't thank them all enough. So please, visit them all if you haven't and show some love because they are worth it. That said, if you're just coming today, let me wrap it up for you. Usually this series take place all through July. This year though, life got pretty much in the way, but as I said thanks to the ladies I mentioned above, I could have it running for at least two weeks. 

Of course I enjoyed seeing what everyone did, or wraped up for us. Vicky had her daughter's help to refashion a long skirt, Joelle did an amazing transformations from men's underwear to boy's shirts, Stephanie upcycled some of her t-shirts. 

 Vicky's (Vicky Myers Creations) , Joelle's (EYMM) & Stephanie's (Swoodson Says)

Liz did this amazing job turning an adult sized hoodie into a child's romper. Michelle wraped up all the refashions she did in the past year, some are pretty impressive and Irene shared a very detailed tutorial on how to refashion a men's button up shirt into a fitted top for women. 

Liz's (Sew4Bub) , Michelle's (Falafel & the Bee & Irene's (Serger Pepper)

Diana gave a new life to a dress that didn't fit her anymore. Heather turned a button up shirt into a skirt for her daughter. Meriel wrapped up a few of her refashions for us, and last but not least, Michelle did a whole outfit using a nightgown for her new top and pair of woven athletic style pants from her husband into pants for herself. 

Diana's (Miss Castelinhos), Heather's (Feather's Flights), Meriel's (Create 3.5) & Michelle (Little Heart Threads

Did you decide already what your favorite was? I am having a hard time doing so. 

As for me, if you're not a regular, I'll tell you I usually commit to make at least one refashion per week for the time the series lasts, but this year though I stuggled not only with personal issues and lack of time, I also struggled with getting my machine to work properly. So, I did share three refashions in two weeks, which is good, but I actually only sewed one up this month. The other ones were made long before. 

It was already July 13th when I posted my first post of the month. Of course it was the kick off of this year's edition and I shared a simple way to upcycle a pair of jeans. I was part of the Desert Island themed Sew 20 tour, and of course I shared some refashioning, this time in swimsuits. And to finish, for the Summer Swimwer tour I refashioned a women's dress into a girl's shorts


Summer Swimwear 2016 Tour

Scroll down for english, please!

Antes de mais, deixem-me dizer-vos que não tenho costurado praticamente nada nas últimas semanas. Fiz um vestido para oferecer-mos a uma amiguinha da G. e a minha máquina armou-se em parva com a malha, foi um castigo conseguir terminar. Troquei agulha, fiz manutenção, enfim... começou a funcionar melhor mas notei que o pedal perdeu a sensibilidade, ora não arrancava, ora arrancava a costurar quando menos esperava e sempre a alta velocidade. Ou seja, deixei de conseguir controlar a velocidade a que costuro. Levei mais de duas semanas a tentar dirigir-me a um senhor que arranja(va) máquinas aqui perto, mas parece que fechou a loja por problemas de saúde. O outro que conheço é caríssimo e mais me vale comprar uma nova (já está escolhida só falta mandar vir!). Isto tudo para dizer que com o receio que tinha em tentar costurar e dar em louca com a máquina fui adiando fazer a peça que tinha para fazer para o tour de hoje e só fiz mesmo a dois dias de publicar. Para minha surpresa a máquina colaborou (mais ou menos e a coisa até correu razoavelmente bem). Não estava à espera das coisas correrem bem, mas ainda bem que sim!

Before anything else, let me tell I haven't been sewing much lately. I made a dress for my daughter's friend birthday and my machine started acting with the knit, I struggled a lot to finish. I changed the needle, cleaned it and all that... it started working better, but I noticed the pedal lost its sensibilty, it would either not start or it'd start sewing in high speed. So, I couldn't control my needed sewing speed. It took me more than two weeks to be able to take it to service to find out that the man who did this (locally) closet his shop due to his health. The other one I know it too expansive so I might as well buy a new machine (I have picked it already just need to order already!). All this, just to tell you that I was scared to death to try to sew what I had to sew for today's tour, and drive myself crazy in the way, so I postponed doing so until I couldn't anymore and just got it done two days before post day. To my surprise, the machine cooperated (things sort of worked fine). I wasn't expecting things going easy, but I was glad they did!

Posto isto, vamos ao que interessa. Hoje faço parte do tour Summer Swimwear2016. As designers Jessica |Gracious Threads|, Ajaire |Designs by Call Ajaire| e Saskia |The Wolf & The Tree| juntaram-se para apresentar os seus mais recentes moldes (individuais), correspondentemente Swim & Surf Shorts para criança e mulher,  Classic Maillot fato de banho e tankini, e o molde O Captain, My Captain conjunto para proteção solar. Quando me foi dado a escolher qual (quais) dos moldes queria fazer, eu escolhi os calções. Já sabia que a máquina andava a mastigar as malhas e não quis arriscar. E é por isso (e porque a G. está cheia de fatos de banho este ano) que deixei passar ao lado a oportunidade de costurar as outras duas opções, mas para mais tarde ficarão, isso de certeza. 

All that said, let's go to the point. Today I am part of the Summer Swimwear 2016 tour. The designers Jessica |Gracious Threads|, Ajaire |Designs by Call Ajaire| and Saskia |The Wolf & The Tree| got together to present their newest (individual) patterns, correspondingly the Swim & Surf Shorts for kids and women,  the Classic Maillot swimsuit and tankini, and the O Captain, My Captain rushguard. When given the choice of these patterns, I went for the shorts. I already knew my machine was chewing knits and I didn't want to risk it. And that's why I missed the chance to sew the other patterns for now (and also for the fact that G. has plenty of swimwear for the year already!), I am sure I will want to try them out later. 

Escolhi o tamanho 5 anos, que é a idade que ela fez há um mês atrás e assentam super bem. Já para não dizer que mais uma vez, a minha filhota adorou. Gostou particularmente das cores desta vez. Como não tinha o tecido apropriado para calções de banho e porque na verdade, não costumamos usar calções de banho por cá, optei por usar um algodão, reciclado de um vestido de mulher comprado há um par de anos numa loja de caridade por 1€ apenas. O viés foi oferta de uma amiga querida, e ficou perfeito (já tinha dito que esta combinação de cores é das minhas preferidas, não já?!). 

I went for size 5, which is the age she just turned a month ago and they fit super well, not to mention that once again, my daughter loved it. She particularly liked the colors this time. Since I didn't have swimwear approriate fabric and also because we don't really use swim shorts around here, I used a cotton fabric, refashioned from a women's dress I bought a couple of years ago at a charity shop, for 1€ only. The bias tape was a gift from a dear friend, and it was perfect for this (I have mentioned before that this is one of my fave combinations, haven't I?!). 

Os calções para criança trazem duas opções de altura, enquanto que a versão de mulher traz três. Estou desejosa de ter a máquina nova e experimentar uns para mim também. Têm também a opção de costurar as cuecas incorporadas aos calções, mas eu não o fiz, porque os nossos são mais para o dia a dia, ou para as idas à praia mas sem a função de ir à água, como já disse antes. 

The kids shorts come with two lenght options and the women's with three. I am wishing here for the new machine so I can make myself a pair too. They also come with the option for incorporated swim bottoms, but I didn't do these, our shorts aren't really meant for swimming, they're more for the daily basis, or going to the beach but not into the water, as I said before. 

Os meus calções ficaram com um erro. Apercebi-me do mesmo enquanto costurava, mas como vos disse a relação com a máquina tem sido tão difícil que nem me dei ao trabalho de desmanchar e fazer bem. Se fico satisfeita com isso? Claro que não, o erro salta-me à vista sempre que olho para a peça. Se fico obcecada? Também não. O erro está lá, mas acho que ninguém se vai pôr a inspeccionar. E se o fizer, paciência! Há males maiores no mundo. E vocês toparam logo o erro? É um bocadinho descarado!

My shorts have a mistake on them. I noticed it while still sewing, but I didn't undo it due to the hard relationship to my machine lately. I didn't unpick it and do it all over again. Am I happy about it? Of course not, that mistake jumps right at me everytime I stare at it. Am I obcessed with it? Not really either. The mistake is there, but I don't think anyone will be inspecting. And if someone does, well, let it be! There are bigger issues with the world. What about you? Did you get it right away? It's a bit bare!

Juntem-se à diversão da Summer Swimwear Tour com a hashtag #sewswimtour para partilharem as vossas criações de vestuário de verão. E não se esqueçam de participar no sorteio para uma oportunidade de ganhar prémios dos patrocinadores abaixo!

Join in on the Summer Swimwear Tour fun by using the hashtag #sewswimtour to share your favorite swimwear makes.  And don't forget to enter to win these fabulous prizes from our other sponsors!

Prizes include:
- 1 pattern The Classic Maillot pattern by Designs by Call Ajaire
- 1 pattern The Swim and Surf Shorts by Gracious Threads
- 1 pattern Just Keep Swimming by The Wolf and the Tree
- 1 pattern of choice (excludes bundles) by Pienkel
- 1 pattern of choice by AimerLae & Finn
- 1 pattern of choice by Rachel Rossi Design
- Free Jellyfish Swim Cap pattern via Sew by Pattern Pieces Group
- 1 pattern of choice by Dandelions n Dungarees
- 1 pattern of choice by E + M patterns
- 5 patterns of choice by George & Ginger
- $30 gift certificate by The Fabric Fairy
- 1 pattern of choice by Sunday Girl Designs
- 1 pattern of choice by 5 out of 4 Patterns
That's 17 patterns + $30 in fabric!!
Enter the giveaway below:
During the tour Designs by Call Ajaire is offering 20% off all patterns in the Etsy shop using the code SWIMTOUR, Gracious Threads is offering 15% off the purchase of 3 or more patterns in her shop (no coupon needed), and The Wolf and the Tree is offering 15% off patterns in her shop using the code SWIMTOUR as well.  So take a few minutes to visit Call Ajaire, Gracious Threads, and The Wolf and the Tree and of course the rest of the lovely blogs we have on the tour:

Sew Country Chick - Handmade Frenzy - House of Estrela - Elegance & Elephants - SewsNBows

Só mais uma coisinha! Hoje é o último dia do Refashion Month aqui no blog. Não deixem de espreitar o resumo amanhã!

Just one more thing, today is the last day of the Refashion Month here at the blog. Come back tomorrow for the wrap up. 


Refashion Month with Michelle Schuh

Scroll down for english, please!

A Michelle é uma blogger nova para mim, bem, o seu blog também é recente, com menos de um ano, mas ela tem participado em testes de moldes há bem mais tempo que isso, e gostei muito de visitar o seu blog e ver as peças que tem feito, gabo-lhe o bom gosto na escolha de tecidos e combinações. Fiquei feliz por ver que também haviam por lá posts com roupa reciclada. Não deixem de a visitar e ver o que preparou para esta série. Aqui

Michelle is a new-to-me blogger, well actually her blog is still under one year old, but she's been pattern testing for a bit longer than that now and I really enjoyed going through her posts, checking out her items. She's got a great taste for fabric prints and combinations. I was pretty happy to see she does have some refashioned items too. Check out what she prepared for this series. Here.  

For the top I refashioned a ladies cotton nightie into a Patterns for Pirates Essential Tank. For the bottoms, I used a pair of hubby's poorly fitting pants to make myself a pair of woven brassie joggers from Greenstyle Creations.


Refashion Month with Meriel Aho

Scroll down for english, please!

A convidada de hoje é a Meriel, a ser sincera, temos-nos encontrado em várias tours e testes, mas até ela se inscrever nesta série, eu não conhecia particularmente o seu trabalho. Fui espreitar como faço sempre que tenho alguém "cá por casa" que ainda não conheço de um todo ou de quem conheço pouco, e gostei muito das peças que tem feito para as suas crianças. Hoje, ela partilha connosco um apanhado de algumas das reciclagens que já fez anteriormente. Não deixem de espreitar as suas dicas. 

Today's guest is Meriel, and being honest, unless for some tours and tests where we were both in, I didn't really know her work until she signed for the series. I went in to check it out as I always do when I have new guests that I haven't heard of before, or have but not much, and I particurly liked the things she's been doing for her kids. Today, she's sharing a wrap up from previous refashions from her own. Make sure to check out her tips. 

This is a brief look at some quick & easy refashions that anyone can do. I learned to sew 6 years ago, and making over thrifted items such as too-large clothes or even sheets has been one of the best ways for me to get some practice (and even a wearable garment!) without investing a lot of money into my learning process. Pop over to my blog (http://createthreepointfive.com) to read more about what you see here!


Refashion Month with Heather *Feather*

Scroll down for english, please!

Mais um dia a reciclar, desta vez com a fascinante Heather. Mãe de três crianças e imparável. Adoro a sua simplicidade e praticabilidade, e os looks que cria. Admiro o facto de publicar a vida como ela é sem floreados, sendo verdadeira. Se os filhos se sujam mesmo antes de tirar fotos a uma peça nova, ela simplesmente assume que com crianças é assim e publica-as assim mesmo. E isso a meu ver é bom, uma pessoa sente-se mais ligada a ela com a ideia de que afinal nem todos procuram a perfeição. 

Another day refashioning, this time with the fascinating Heather. Mom to three kids, and unstopable. I love her simple and practicale ways, and her casual looks. I admire the fact that she posts things as they are on real life, she's not fake. If her kids get dirty right before the photos of a new item are taken, she'll just assume that it is a fact from life with kids and post it like so. And that's a good thing to relate to her and see that not everyone is aiming to be perfect. 

º º º
I'm so excited to be here and share a refashion with you! I love reusing the best parts of clothing and making it into something new. Today I'm sharing a REALLY simple button down shirt upcycle to make a skirt. It's great because you can keep the button placket and the pocket or pockets on the front. Besides using the button down for a skirt, you can use the other half to make a baby romper and the sleeves to make pants

Button Down Shirt
Sewing Supplies
3/8" elastic

1. Get your shirt ready. I used a women's medium and unpicked all the darts. A men's shirt in any size would also work and you wouldn't have to unpick darts.

2. (The bottom half of the shirt, the collar, and the collar stand can be cut off for the baby romper.) Cut at an angle from the sides seams to the shoulders essentially cutting off the sleeves. I cut an extreme angle to get flared sides.
3. Cut straight across the top cutting off the shoulder seams. I cut the back higher than the front to give room for a baby diaper.
4. Remove the tags if needed.

This top picture is what my cut pieces looked like.
5. Sew the side seams right sides together at 1/4" and finish the edges.
6. Straighten the hem if uneven.

7. Sew a 1/2" casing at the top and insert elastic. I sewed the button placket together at the top to make this step easier.
8. Sew a small hem on the bottom. I kept the hem separated at the button placket to keep a real button down look.

It's simple but impactful! The placket and pockets make it looked like I worked really hard. And I love that I can find interesting and unique color schemes that I might not find in the toddler clothing section at the store!
Thanks for having me and letting me share! I can't wait to see everyone else's refashions!


Refashion Month with Diana Pais

Scroll down for english, please!

A Diana diz que a reciclagem de roupa está muito fora da sua zona de conforto, ainda assim, para mim, a Diana é uma grande inspiração e eu tinha de a desafiar outra vez. Ela inspira-me, não só na forma divertida como costura para os filhos e para ela, mas também pela sua personalidade, o seu empenho naquilo que quer e faz feliz. Para quem estava fora da sua zona de conforto, digam lá se ela não se saiu tão bem? 

Diana says she's way out of her comfort zone when it comes to refashioning, still, she is a great inspirations for me and I really needed to challenge her again. She inspires me, not only through her fun way to sew for her kids and herself, but also through her personality, and her efforts in whatever she wants and makes her happy. For someone who was feeling out of her comfort zone, she did pretty good, didn't she? 

º º º 

Hi everyone! I'm Diana from the blog Miss Castelinhos. I'm very happy to be a part of House of Estrela's Refashion Month for the second time. I always admire Magda's skills to transform old clothes into something new. Refashion is very much out of my confort zone. Last year I made a shirt for my son, so this year I wanted to try something for myself. I had an old dress from a fast fashion brand... not to name names... it starts with a Z, ends with an A and it has AR in the middle... but that's not important! ;D The dress didn't fit me around the hips anymore, so I thought it could work as a blouse.

The transformation was very easy! I simply cut the dress above the stripes and used the remaining fabric to make the sleeves.

The sleeves have quite a dramatic look to it. I gathered them a bit and attached to the armscye.

And that was it! Because the sleeves were made with the bottom of the dress I kept the original hemline. The only thing left to do was the hem around the waistline.

If you're anything like me and are not sure if you can transform a piece of clothing, this is an easy start. Just grab an old sleeveless dress, cut the bottom off and add some sleeves. You can't go wrong! :D Thank you so much for having me Magda!


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